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[#] Sun Apr 04 2021 01:06:27 MST from Wangiss <>

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I'm enjoying Mr. Robot right now and I want to watch Blacklist next. I don't watch TV except when I'm doing dishes. Almost all of my passive entertainment is podcasts because I can listen while I swing a hammer or drive or weed the garden. I'll be building trusses on my greenhouse next week for a few hours. I'll surely be listening to a podcast by Scott Adams or Tim Pool or Michael Malice (who'll be on Jordan Peterson's show if he wasn't pulling my leg). Anyway, that's why it takes me forever to watch TV shows. Once the dishes are done, I can't stare at a rectangle anymore. 

[#] Mon Apr 05 2021 22:24:10 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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Lately I've been writing messages, hitting post, and the message disappears. 

Anyhow - I don't generally consume passive entertainment except for when I'm driving. I forget to listen to music when I'm sitting at the PC.