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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 01:19:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: Cooling a PiStorm32 and more Tests!

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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 02:34:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: HOW to import an image in Deluxe Paint IV running on WinUAE? *Help*

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Can anyone please explain HOW to import an image in DeluxePaint IV running on WinUAE? Like where does the image have to be saved on my PC in order for the DPaint directory to find it? And how do I navigate that directory to the image? I cannot figure it out.

submitted by /u/Dead_wet_flesh_jets
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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 08:43:37 MST from rss <>

Subject: Never-before-seen Amiga art by Moebius (Jean Giraud) has been recovered

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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 13:08:55 MST from rss <>

Subject: Aquatic adventure | Obsession -- a pinball video game

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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 15:09:38 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga games for sale

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Just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing some original Amiga games. Most are for the Amiga 500 and a few AGA games for the Amiga 1200. I'm in the U.S. but I do have some PAL versions as well. I'd like to see them go to a good home before resorting to ebay.

submitted by /u/TomekDan
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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 16:05:35 MST from rss <>

Subject: Just had a nostalgic afternoon.

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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 19:48:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: FINAL FIGHT: ENHANCED - Amiga, Demo II (2-Players)

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[#] Fri Mar 17 2023 20:14:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: PiMiga-like image for x86?

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I have an old-ish Acer mini pc and an old 4:3 monitor that I think should be very good for dedicated Amiga emulation, but I can't find a (Linux) live image with a pre-configured Amiga emulator ready to install on the hard disc anywhere on the net.

Think something like PiMiga but for x86/x64, ideally with tons of software and games already configured and ready to play.

Surely such a project must already exist, right?

I know Chris Edwards is working on a "universal" PiMiga for both ARM and x86, but he is planning to release it around Christmas 2023...

submitted by /u/tonyrh
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[#] Sat Mar 18 2023 04:27:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: help with FSUAE running It Came from the Desert - mouse controls never work no matter what

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help with FSUAE running It Came from the Desert - mouse controls never work no matter what

I've tried playing this game and it boots up properly but problem is the mouse never works right. i've tried messing with the settings, changing stuff to joystick mode, changing to mouse mode but every single time I do anything the cursor either dissapears when i do something OR i'll eventually get it funcitonal but the mouse cursor is so spazzed out finicky it makes it borderline unplayable

If you need more info, see this webpage. this dude basically had the same problem as me only difference is no matter what I cant get the mouse to work right

I've tried other emulators to like WinUAE but nothing plays the game right, it just boots up briefly and glitches out. Im about to give up, if I cant get the mouse to work on FSUAE im completely folding on this. It's way too much trouble than it's worth anymore, which is a shame because I really wanted to play this game for a while now. I may be new to Amiga emulation, but based on my experience it all seems to be seriously garbage nothing ever works right (I've tried three different emulators and FSUAE is the closest ive gotten to actually playing the game at a functional level minus the goddamned mouse controls being broken).

submitted by /u/sad-ist
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[#] Sat Mar 18 2023 12:43:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: The History of Power Drift - arcade console documentary

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[#] Sat Mar 18 2023 21:37:10 MST from rss <>

Subject: A501 Expansion board making screen yellow.

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[#] Sat Mar 18 2023 21:57:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: Help finding tracks from Amiga 500 music software

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This is a long shot; On my old Amiga, I had a music programme that I think was called NoiceTracker.

There was 3 or 4 premade tracks that you could play. One of them consisted of 7 sections where it sounded a lot like trumpets. Amazing energy it had.

Does this ring a bell to anyone, and does anyone have a link to these tracks?

If the name of the software wasn’t NoiceTracker what else could it have been called?

submitted by /u/OoT-TheBest
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[#] Sun Mar 19 2023 00:26:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: AmiKit 12 - Review

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[#] Sun Mar 19 2023 01:26:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: Which character had the most balls?

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Which character had the most balls?

Hey beautiful Amiga lovers, well... I was playing with my brother and he said "I'm Mercenary" about 8 times so I had to choose another character... arse

Then I said 'ok I'll be Thug!' - but, who was your favourite character?

submitted by /u/Commercial-Moose6732
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[#] Sun Mar 19 2023 02:38:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: Finally figured out my Amiga troubles after months (Tsunami 1230/MK3)

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Most of my favorite games (Nuclear Way, Defender of the Crown) would crash when using with WHDLOAD atrandom points. It has been driving me crazy the last few months and finally spent tonight trying lots of things and been using MiSTer in the mean time.

Amiga 1200 - recapped and bought from retropassion (great service btw)

Tsunami 1230

CF card adapter

Indivision MK3 AGA (after buying unit)

Gotek internal from (after buying unit) (great service BTW!)

Random games and even iBrowse would crash randomly with various bugs. I could never figure out if it was a bad mobo, a bad Tsunami, bad something else. I finally had time to narrow it down tonight with the original floppy drive and various OS installs on a CF card. The problem was the CL adapter on the indivision MK3. Word of warning to anyone experience weirdness with the MK3. I am running without it installed and everything is peachy.

submitted by /u/thegshipley
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[#] Sun Mar 19 2023 11:08:44 MST from rss <>

Subject: I did this to MY A1200. Would you?

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[#] Sun Mar 19 2023 11:45:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: New Project: QuickShot II Replacement PCB

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[#] Sun Mar 19 2023 13:03:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: New Project: QuickShot II Joystick Replacement PCB

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New Project: QuickShot II Joystick Replacement PCB

Wanted to make you aware of my new project, named "Quickbit". It's a replacement PCB for the QuickShot II and QuickShot II Plus:

Some features:

  • Autofire can be overridden by fire button, without the need to toggle off the Autofire switch. This is to make it easier in games like Turrican or R-Type to get to special weapons that require holding the fire button. On the original QuickShot II you need to first disable Autofire to be able to press and hold fire.
  • Optional second logical firebutton, compatible to both Commodore 64 and Amiga. Unfortunately the C64 and the Amiga have introduced different standards of how the second fire button is interpreted. The C64 considers 5V on the line as button pressed, and 0V as unpressed, while the Amiga expects the exact opposite. This means to make a joystick work with 2 fire buttons on both systems one needs to be able to configure it. This is done by holding down the second fire button while connecting the Joystick to power (while Computer is switched on or while the Joystick is plugged in), to make it start in Amiga-Mode. C64-Mode is the default.
  • 2 Breakout PCBs to replace the fire buttons.
  • Compatible to both QuickShot II and QuickShot II Plus. Placements of microswitches are slightly different for both models - this PCB caters for both.
  • Can either be operated with original cable (in which case second logical firebutton won't work, since the original cable doesn't have all cores), or with modern replacement that comes with all cores of the cable.
  • Full Bill of Materials in link above with search terms for AliExpress
  • KiCad and Gerber files for download
  • Detailed instructions with many pics
submitted by /u/edge-records
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[#] Sun Mar 19 2023 21:39:56 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to convert multiple jpeg/png images into .iff files at a time?

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Is there any software where you can upload a sequence of images (jpeg, png, ect) at a time, and have them be converted to .iff images that Amiga (Deluxe Paint) would recognize?

submitted by /u/Dead_wet_flesh_jets
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