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[#] Thu Dec 10 2020 21:05:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amazing interview with the creator of Another World. The guy was WAY ahead of his time.

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[#] Thu Dec 10 2020 22:37:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: 1.3 High Density Patch

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[#] Fri Dec 11 2020 08:26:57 MST from rss <>

Subject: Drilling holes

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[#] Thu Dec 10 2020 03:05:47 MST from rss <>

Subject: The Amiga Show new episode 2

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[#] Wed Dec 09 2020 19:01:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: A MiSTer first look, how to build & configure, demo, cost, pros & cons

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[#] Wed Dec 09 2020 16:22:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: New Amiga DB23F connectors have been produced. Pre-orders are shipping now. My order is on its way! This company also offers square 5-pin din male power connectors for Amiga 500/600/C128.

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[#] Wed Dec 09 2020 17:34:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: ACube: Firmware update for Sam 440ep (flex)

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[#] Wed Dec 09 2020 12:33:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: Commodore Creative Competition: Enter your Amiga music or graphics for the January show

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[#] Mon Dec 14 2020 18:47:52 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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NEW UPLOAD: 'btce-amiga-by-james_jacobs.lha'
Bards Tale Character Editor requires WB 4.0 application/x-lha

[#] Mon Dec 14 2020 19:06:34 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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NEW UPLOAD: 'MiamiDx10cmain.lha'
MiamiDX10 application/x-lha

[#] Mon Dec 14 2020 19:07:04 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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NEW UPLOAD: 'MiamiDx10c-MUI.lha'
MiamiDX10 MUI application/x-lha

[#] Mon Dec 14 2020 19:07:39 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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NEW UPLOAD: 'AmiFTP-1.843.lha'
AmiFTP Amiga FTP client application/x-lha

[#] Mon Dec 14 2020 19:09:53 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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NEW UPLOAD: 'sysinfo_4.0.lha'
Amiga Sysinfo application/x-lha

[#] Tue Dec 15 2020 03:42:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: Classic Joystick for emulation?

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Any recs for a classic joystick that's USB compatible? I don't mean a modded controller for XBOX, or whatever, but just the old-school joystick. (Vertical stick, and one red button.)

I see I can get an Atari 2600 joystick (which is identical to the one I used, AFAICR, with my Amiga 1000) but that comes with the old style connector. Is there a reliable adapter that converts the older D-style connector to USB? (I know I can remap with some utilities, but I'm just looking for the best hardware at this point.)


submitted by /u/LKNewbie
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[#] Tue Dec 15 2020 17:35:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: OPEN FODDER is a fantastic open source replacement for the Cannon Fodder engine that allows you to use you own Amiga versions of CF 1 (inc. CD32) and 2 as well as bundling all the classic magazine cover demo disks and special levels all in one place. It also has a great random level generator!

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[#] Wed Dec 16 2020 14:35:18 MST from rss <>

Subject: UnAmiga ITX

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The ITX board, has anyone posted a comparison to the normal UnAmiga? And does it come populated or do you have to wing trying to solder all the components on? lol


submitted by /u/SmoothRunnings
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[#] Thu Dec 17 2020 09:26:21 MST from rss <>

Subject: My Amiga A500 works or doesn't depending on how I twist the chassis

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Well, that about sums it up - I twist the chassis, push here or there from some different angle, and the Amiga will go from working to not working. When I leave it alone, it stays in it's same working or non-working state from the last time I tried.

I've had the machine for a few years. Replaced some (but not all) caps about 6 months ago. I doubt it's any more caps, because of it's relationship with me twisting the chassis (body, housing, whatever you want to call it). It's an NTSC rev 6a motherboard, bone stock except for the chip RAM mod, and 512k add-on RAM, which were done years ago.

I've recorded all of the possible outcomes with starting the Amiga up.

  1. boots up okay
  2. boots up okay, but then will get a guru meditation after between a few seconds to a minute or two
  3. boots up okay, but will get blue screen flash for an initial fraction of a second
  4. only one time this happened: boots up okay, but flashed a pink screen for an inital fraction of a second
  5. black screen, no floppy activity
  6. blue screen, no floppy activity (if memory serves)
  7. green screen, no floppy activity (if memory serves)

It sounds like I've got a loose component, or a bad trace or something, but I just don't know where to begin. It could be anything. If anyone has run into this before, I would appreciate knowing what the culprit ended up being, maybe there is a common part or solder joint that comes loose. Or perhaps there is a better diagnostic technique than just seating and unseating every chip? Thanks for any help!

submitted by /u/nothingspecial164
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[#] Thu Dec 17 2020 14:09:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: "30 years later, I recreated my text editor on Amiga! Version 1.2 brings the English localization for the program and documentation, an ARexx port, and bug fixes."

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[#] Thu Dec 17 2020 23:37:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Lab #1

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[#] Fri Dec 18 2020 03:34:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: My very corroded A500+ repair job.

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