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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 09:10:18 MST from rss <>

Subject: The New Zealand Story / MiSTer FPGA / Amiga

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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 14:02:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: Checkmate 1500 build with ReAmiga1200, TF1260 and Indivision MK3 95% new parts

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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 16:08:41 MST from rss <>

Subject: Hyper Runner a new game being developed by Raster Wizards for the Amiga (AGA only)

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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 16:18:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Do you remember the Show ALF ? There is an Amiga in the season 4 episode 4. (DVD screenshot)

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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 19:34:51 MST from rss <>

Subject: Superplan for the Amiga. A good spreadsheet from the late 80s

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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 21:18:31 MST from rss <>

Subject: Syndicate -Versions Comparaison-

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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 21:42:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: The ending of the game "wicked"?

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This was by far the most terrifying game I have ever seen, over 3 decades later, I gathered enough courage to see it on youtube. It does not show what happens when you beat the game. Does anyone know?

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 00:35:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: Finally got my mini today. Checking out AMiNIMiga on. Pretty cool!

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 03:18:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: A Tale of Two Membranes

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I tell this tale of woe, should it be helpful to others in the future.

Last year I bought an A500, I was so excited when it arrived I got it up and running in minutes and all was well… except for a few keys around the enter key.

I did some research and found all the articles on the net about faulty membranes. It certainly sounded like that, so I hunted the net and found that European store. This is when I started to go down the rabbit hole. I ordered a new replacement membrane.

And a gotek, and a Classic 520, and the newest OS and new rubber feet, and a new memory expansion… sound familiar guys?

A month later it all arrived and I made the upgrade (s 😬). It kinda worked, I had to hit some of those same keys pretty hard for them to register though. This got worse over the weeks until they stopped responding at all.

I opened her up (she is my Amiga after all) and took out the thousand little screws holding the keyboard together again (honestly 😳).

This was when I discovered those little plunger things. I like to think I’m fairly clever but this baffled me. How the actual …. can rubber create an electrical connection between the contacts on the membrane? Rubber is an insulator, not a conductor.

I got out my multimeter and, well blow me, sure enough that rubber had been made conductive.

Except the broken keys. Those were no longer conductive. So I hopped on line and asked for help in the NZ Facebook vintage computing forum.

Lots of offers for help came in and the simplest solution called for conductive paint. I bought it, applied it and yay. I had keys that worked. For the most part.

A month later it all went wrong again. This time I couldn’t get the gotek to respond to key inputs. Nothing would properly.

Beginning to feel somewhat lost I managed to boot the OS from the 520 and brought up a text editor. Now, pressing certain keys would dump a string of characters, but not random. They were identical each time. Back to the Facebook.

Suggestions came in to switch and test chips on the mother board and to look for shorts.

That was it. Done. The miggy sat gathering dust for a whole lockdown.

Eventually I gathered up the courage to open her up again. Expecting to see some sort of horror scene I saw…

That little plastic insulator had slipped out and the back of the keyboard controller PCB was touching the interference shield. That will be the short then. Some duct tape fixed it (the threads on the screw holes responsible for holding it on were worn.

That fixed that but the conductive paint had worn off in the meantime so I was back to the drawing board.

I ordered some new plungers on eBay and bided my time.

A month later they arrived and I got to replacing the duff ones. Any one who has had to do this with the big enter key knows what a PITA this is. Well after some swearing I got there and put it back together to find NO IMPROVEMENT AT ALL. Well not quite the enter would register, if I tapped it with the force required to drive a nail into concrete.

I sat there shoulders slumped forward. Devastated.

Then it hit me. The epiphany.

I looked around me on the floor. Picked up an old notebook (the paper sort), tore off the cover.

I tore it into a smaller piece, just the right size to fit behind the PCB membrane behind the faulty keys and balanced it on the open miggy.

Turned it on, loaded the test kit pressed F2 to test the keyboard, too nervous to look at the screen I looked at the keyboard and as lightly as I could, carefully, one by one, I pressed every key,

I looked up. All green. All successful. Fixed.

If there is a moral to this story, I’m not quite sure what it is. But sure as poop I will be buying one of those thicker hard membranes next pay day.

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 03:55:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: SCSI2SD für den Amiga einrichten

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Ich mache immer wieder die Erfahrung das einige USER Probleme haben die SCSI2SD für den Amiga einzurichten. Daher habe ich mich entschlossen ein Video darüber zu machen das eine kleine Übersicht bietet.
SCSI2SD V6 für den Amiga einrichten - YouTube

submitted by /u/Amiga_Gerry
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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 04:28:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: I am porting all VideoToaster Amiga effects now!!!

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 04:24:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: I'm porting all the VideoToaster Amiga effects!!!

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 06:28:46 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga 1200 behaving badly

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I bought an Amiga 1200 recently, and I'm about to bounce the thing out of the nearest window. Firstly, it has a 4GB CF card inside, and the system boots from this drive into Scalos, seems to be a modified workbench environment?

Nothing appears to run though, ie iGame, dopus, and other apps all throw up errors about not being found etc. I think I'll format the CF and start over. Until then, I'll try a floppy disc...

Internal floppy disc drive seems completely dead. The heads try to read, but the disc won't spin at all. Tried changing the small cap on the drive board, same result, no spin. I then buy an old pc drive to mod for Amiga use. I done the mod, and my workbench floppy boots - success! That was, until a try game floppies, not a single disc boots, all throwing up sector errors (these are known good floppies that boot on other Amiga's.) Great, I'll have to buy a working drive somewhere. Until then, I'll try my external GoTek....

So my GoTek isn't detected by the Amiga if there's a USB connected to it, not even in the early boot menu. If I cold boot with no USB in the GoTek, i see it listed as df1, but once there's a USB in it, nothing, not detected at all. If I select a disc slot on the GoTek, nothing shows in the scalos workbench in terms of floppy drawers etc. I can "trick" the GoTek into running content by booting with no USB installed, early boot menu, set boot from df1, then when the Amiga reboots I can quickly put the USB onto the GoTek, at which point it'll try to load whatever slot is active. Most slots do nothing, some games do boot but don't get very far.

So all three methods of loading games all have problems, it seems nothing I do to this Amiga can make it happy. I recapped it too.

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 10:34:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: What are your thoughts on the game Flashback? I think it's a great game but I don't hear it talked about much

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 11:02:47 MST from rss <>

Subject: Alex Trowers made some true classics while working at Bullfrog. He worked on Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Hi-Octane, Dungeon Keeper 2, PowerMonger and Populous 2. Alex shares some amazing stories while working at one of the most innovative video game companies of the '90s in this fun podcast.

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 16:16:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Searching a specific Amiga game

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Lately I was setting up an emulator to play a few games I enjoyed as a child and while I was able to remember many of the games names, there is one game I just can’t remember the name of and I don’t remember much of the gameplay as well. Mostly because I think it was too difficult for me as a child ;-) But I thought I throw my memories in here and maybe someone knows what game it is.

So it was 2D (obviously) and you played a little guy. It seems like some kind of role playing game to me. The main plot was happening in some kind of house or cellar with multiple rooms per floor and multiple floors.

The view was like the house was cut in half and I think you could see more than one room at a time. It was all very small in details.

No windows, as far as I can remember and I think a change of floors was only possible in certain rooms. Every room had different things/people in it. The most remarkable room was a room with a crazy violin player with wild grey hair like Albert Einstein who played his fiddle (it sounded really bad).

In the game you had some kind of quests to do but I was never able to finish it. I’d like to try again now but just can’t remember the name of the game.

I hope my description full of gaps can help identify the game — does anyone have a clue what I could mean?

submitted by /u/Bastianoso
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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 16:50:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: Wanted to buy: Expansion Systems Dataflyer 500 IDE

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Looking to purchase an Expansion Systems dataflyer 500. Any version that supports IDE. Must be tested and working. Happy to pay shipping to US, where I'm located.


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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 19:53:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga Computer Buyers Guide 2022

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 22:38:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: I HATE this Joystick. Help me find a new one?

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I HATE this Joystick. Help me find a new one?

I've heard people here say part of the joy of using original hardware is using the sticks that they used when young.

I spent 2 hours yesterday playing Speedball 2 with this b*stard. It kinda pushes back against you as move it around, so I ended up using excessive force and this morning have sore tendons, muscles and my old RSI back.

I also sucked at the game, which is odd as a few years ago emulating and using a crappy Logitech usb pad style thing was much better.

So I'm in the market for a modern replacement, but cannot see much out there in the 9 pin format (unsurprisingly). There are Atari sticks aplenty, and that Monster product, but really want something that sits in the hands and is moulded with less sharp edges.

Any suggestions?

submitted by /u/allT0rqu3
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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 22:33:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga game manuals/guides with red/blue tinted hint viewer? Did this exist?

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When I was really young we had an Amiga computer (no idea what model) with a bunch of random games. I think Kings Quest was one of them.

Now I remember that some of the games had a booklet walkthrough guide but the hints in the walkthrough were like scrambled and unreadable.

To read them the guide had a little paper tinted window viewer (red or blue I think) and you had to hold the viewer up to the page to reveal the hint.

Thing is if I Google this I don’t see anything about it or any examples/images.

So I’m like am I misremembering this or something?

Anyone else remember these or know what games had this?

submitted by /u/graphicaldev
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