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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 13:27:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: The mouSTer project – UPDATE - CD32 support added

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 23:14:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: A stress test for an Amiga game I'm designing specifically to leverage bitplanes and the blitter. It can render 150 objects and 150 particles on a stock A500 with no slowdown. Written in 68k Assembly.

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[#] Mon Nov 22 2021 00:02:35 MST from rss <>

Subject: New Amiga 1000 overlay tested against Jim Power in Mutant Planet toxic palette

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[#] Mon Nov 22 2021 10:36:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to read and write amiga floppy disks on a usb pc floppy drive?

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I bought ausb pc floppy drive a few years ago and I'm pretty sure they are still available.

In interested in using it to read and write amiga floppy disks (but mostly read) so i can go through my collection and convert any missing from my downloads to adf. I doubt want to book up an actual amiga and have a pc that doesn't have the 3.5 floppy connector inside so really need the solution to utilise a usb pc drive. Imo this works be the best solution for a lot of people who want to get on with emulsion and mess about with amiga hardware (or and hardware as little as possible).

If the solution demand it then i don't mind buying some kind of pcb that solves this (hopefully it doesn't cost £100 though). If it needs this sort of thing then I'd rather buy a pre made item though.

There are various solutions it there but they all seem to need to use an amiga, another drive entirely (like a gotek, etc) or need apc floppy drive that is the old 3.5" type and therefore need an old pc instead of a modern pc (or can i get a 3.5 floppy connector board that connects to a pci slot or works from a usb port?)

Either way I'd prefer it to use my usb pc floppy drive instead if possible

Does anyone know the solution?

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[#] Mon Nov 22 2021 15:33:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: Treasure Trap Amiga Review! 16Bit Isometric - Amigos: Everything Amiga 326

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[#] Mon Nov 22 2021 15:58:51 MST from rss <>

Subject: My dad created and sold the Amiganet network cards, his workshop looks the same as it was 30yrs ago 😅 He's got 2000/3000/4000/1200/500 computers, keyboards, fusion 40 cards, vortex system 2000, mega-midget racer, and, of course, Amiganets... (And he invented the dongle, but that's another story...)

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[#] Mon Nov 22 2021 21:50:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: 3D Modeling and Digital Art on an Amiga 1200

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Hello there! I am a 3D and digital artist. I really wanted to dig into old Amiga computers and do what I do in Blender or ClipStudio for instance, but in original Amiga 1200 hardware and it's software. I'm not very savvy when it comes to the Amiga so I wanted to ask wich kind of accessories I'd need for a 1200 to do what I want, like an accelerator card and wich one, processor, software, wich OS etc. I want a mix of authentic experience so it gives that distinct late 80's early 90's vibe, but convenience and better specs as possible for a smoother 3D modeling experience, like compact flash to retrieve my stuff, output for newer monitors etc.

I tried to mess with an Amiga emulator, using LightWave and I thought it was pretty neat! However I'm open to new software aswell. Aside from the 3D modeling I also do digital art and image manipulation, software recommendations for it are also welcome! I like the games on the Amiga but I want to use it as a full computer too, so for short, 3D modeling and rendering, digital art and image manipulation, and basic stuff like writing and even perhaps a BASIC scripting env/compiler for example for fun haha.

Thanks alot!

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[#] Tue Nov 23 2021 03:59:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: My Amiga DJ set from PT1210 Weekender IV

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[#] Tue Nov 23 2021 11:29:03 MST from rss <>

Subject: Psygnosis's first game was Brataccas, was it any good? - ARG Presents Episode 193

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[#] Tue Nov 23 2021 17:24:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga

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[#] Wed Nov 24 2021 02:30:10 MST from rss <>

Subject: Boss Machine - AGA Amiga game - Shoot em up

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Boss Machine - AGA Amiga game - Shoot em up

Currently developing an AGA Amiga game. The shoot em up is called "Boss Machine"

This is the current early WIP design and will then be converted into 16 colour splits for each parallax layer. Release of end of 2022?

Some teaser videos below from Dan the very talented coder

I usually post more insights on my blog

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[#] Wed Nov 24 2021 08:10:30 MST from rss <>

Subject: [Secrets/Trivia] This game was a dream of mine in my Amiga days (yep, there was Quake for Amiga).

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[#] Wed Nov 24 2021 08:52:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: Watching Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune, the soundtrack from the game kept popping up in my head. Today I learned that the soundtrack was released on CD and is available on YT

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[#] Wed Nov 24 2021 12:53:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: One of my Favorite Gaming Experiences - Swords of Twilight

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My dad was a technophile and I benefited greatly from it. One of my best memories of my childhood was playing Swords of Twilight with my father and my sister, which was set to cast to a television. Us kids played the knights with the joysticks and dad got the wizarding role. We did finish the game, though I can't remember the storyline for the life of me, mostly just memories of my sister straight up attacking people we were parley-ing with. :)

Anyone else have memories of that game?

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[#] Wed Nov 24 2021 13:26:36 MST from rss <>

Subject: Rocking a state of the art Amiga 500 in 1987

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[#] Wed Nov 24 2021 17:14:55 MST from rss <>

Subject: Anyone know if the Amiga Mini will have Amiga DOS?

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[#] Wed Nov 24 2021 18:12:21 MST from rss <>

Subject: Some of My Personal Correspondence with Greg Tibbs, Inventor of the Amiga 1000 Rejuvenator

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Now that the Rejuvenator reverse engineering project is an official success and we've released ALL of the files to the public so that anyone can now make their own boards, I've started to reflect on it all. I can't believe after 3 years we've finally made it. I just wish Greg Tibbs, the inventor of the board, was here to see this day. I'll cap this off soon.

In the meantime I've decided to release some of my personal correspondence with Greg as I think some of his stories deserve to be a part of Amiga lore.

The Beginning. Greg Tibbs, May 11, 2018:

And, My Favorite Story. Greg Tibbs, October 4, 2018:


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[#] Thu Nov 25 2021 18:06:44 MST from rss <>

Subject: Review: ACA1234 25 MHz with 16 GB X266 CF card (40 MB/s)

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First thoughts on the ACA1234 25 MHz with 16 GB X266 CF card (40 MB/s)

Firstly, the card “feels” fast; the 3.1 OS, automatically installed by the Firmware disk, feels fast on first boot; SysInfo (not the most accurate speed test) gives a CPU speed of 5600 Dhrystones (a test of integer performance), and an IDE speed of 5.6 MB/s, with an increase of my internal A1200 SSD transfer speed from 1.6 to 2.0 MB/s (increased to 3+ MB/s using the ACA1234’s IDE accelerator). Note that the internal IDE accelerator may be fraught with errors if the stars are not in alignment. Test thoroughly before committing it to permanent status. The 128 MB RAM on the card is spacious, but these days has become the standard for high end A1200 accelerators.

The 68030 speed shows up a tad faster than an A3630 25 MHz in SysInfo, but screen updates subjectively feel quicker; I’m not sure of a statistically valid (or easy) way to assess this, but, nonetheless, I am impressed. Previously tested cards (ACA1233, ACA1211 and a TF1260) have subjectively felt “not as quick” in my user experience. Regard this comment as a static of N=1, or singular, personal observation – your mileage may vary.

The card allows up to 4 total Kickstart ROMs to be held for MapROM function – I elected to directly load OS 3.2 from the 3.2 CD. This was dead simple.

The CF card’s included Kickstart 3.1 is the freely available AROS version, and the card's IDE/CF interface natively uses PFS/3; these decisions were made, I am sure, with great thought and judicious options. They, effectively, result in better drive performance. For those of us who believe in the, “if it feels fast, it is fast” philosophy, this seems like a good idea.

Secondly, it is a concise A1200 Accelerator card – no wires or cables hanging from it -- with a plexiglass shield for the CF card to prevent damage to the socket pins on insertion. After the’s Subway and iComp’s RapidRoad fiasco, i.e., returns for user inflicted damage, iComp has decided to try to prevent end user error (they discontinued RapidRoad ClockPort version). There is a ClockPort for addition of various other devices and open JTAG holes (I pre-ordered within a day of iComp’s announcement and was sent an early card - 29 OCT 2021 – before the CLPD mistake was fixed – 15-NOV-2021) for home remediation of the issue (email received 24-NOV-2021, where I elected to receive a free Parallel -to-JTAG cable for reprogramming).

In addition, once you have copied all of your files to the CF card, the ACATools program allows you to disable your internal IDE, and the firmware-based Install Disk.

One concern is the overclocking license: If one tries to overclock, for example, their 68030 @ 33 MHz to 42 MHz permanently, the cost of the license to do so, has been described as, “The price will be a bit under the difference of the cards with the actual CPU speed installed.” The firmware allows twenty (20) tests of overclocking for free, before you must buy a license. Same thing for upgraded CPUs, in case you were wondering. Along these lines, while there exist holes for a FPU, soldering to the board nullifies the warrantee and is solidly not recommend in the documentation.

Ok, if you buy the ACA1234, then you will not be disappointed; you will receive a 68030 at the speed you choose (and hence, pay for), 128 MB of RAM, a fast IDE/CF card transfer rate, MapROM function for 4 Kickstart ROMs, a native A1200 IDE accelerator, an above standard ClockPort interface, and the subjective feeling that Jens has your Amiga’s well-being at heart.

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[#] Thu Nov 25 2021 19:13:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Looking to mod an old A500

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During the lockdown I made it something of a hobby to mod some of my old consoles and now I’m up to my trusty old Amiga. The Amiga was actually the first computer I ever owned, I was super lucky back in 1990, I think it was, to unwrap a particularly large parcel under the Christmas tree and be greeted by that marvellous Amiga font along with the Batman symbol emblazoned on it…. Good times! Christmas was an absolute write off that year between Batman the move and the newzealand story.

Having been somewhat forgotten in the depths of the loft it looks a bit sorry for itself. I haven’t yet plugged it in to ascertain the damage that time has wrought! First inspection displays the dreaded yellow plastic and what looked to be some damage to the disc drive as the button has seemingly got jammed inside at weird angle.

I’ve never tried painting plastic before so might give it a shot this time and maybe try and source some new keycaps (I noticed an indiegogo campaign if anyone knows anything about it?)

Other than that, can anyone recommend mods to spruce it up a bit, sd drive emulators, mods to use modern mice, that sort of thing? Are these turbo cards worth it etc?

Seems a lot that has been going in the Amiga space so some pointers are more than welcome.

submitted by /u/elfergos
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[#] Thu Nov 25 2021 23:30:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: Remember Hugo TV game show? It was run on Amiga. We recreated it in 2021, using Amiga of course!

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