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[#] Thu May 06 2021 07:56:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: Emulation Quick Start Guide

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I am trying to get WinUAE (FS-UAE) started on my PC these days, and I realize I'm really rusty when it comes to putting together a productive Amiga rig - especially with emulation. I feel much worse off on this desktop than I remember my fully kitted A1200 was back in the 90s. I wonder if anyone out there knows of a guide that puts together a set of key steps Amiga users need to get done to accelerate the job of putting together a proper emulation desktop? Specifically, I'm thinking of a guide that would address the following:

  • Emulation
    • What's the best resolution config, using native modes? With the UAEGFX Zorro Setup?
      • This should preferably give instructions about best resolutions for different modern setups, including 1080p, 2k, 4k, etc.
      • Which fonts should I get/use to make sure that high-resolution displays are legible?
      • For example, when I use interlacing with FS-UAE, the screen looks absolutely terrible
      • Does the Amiga/Emulation support multiple Monitors?
    • How do you set up file sharing between the Amiga and the PC
      • Via Hard Disk folders
      • Can you mount the Amiga Hard Disk in Windows?
      • How can you mount an Amiga ADF on Windows?
    • How do you set up the network on your Emulated Amiga?
    • How do you set up USB devices?
      • Flash Drives, Webcams(?), etc.
    • How do you set up the fastest stable productive (non-gaming) desktop (go for an 040? 060? Is anything faster? Disable floppy wait-time?)
    • Can you share clipboards between PC/Amiga?
  • General Desktop Productivity
    • How to get JPEG, PNG files recognized in addition to plain old ILBMs?
    • How do you get Alt-Tab [Amiga-Tab] to work?
    • What are the best commodities/utilities to set up?
    • What is the best web browsing solution for the Amiga?
    • What is the best Email client?
    • What are the best Workbench Extensions/File Managers/Dopus-like solutions?
    • What is the best Curated Archive to obtain content from (TOSEC/Highlights from Aminet/Other?)

If anyone knows of a similar guide, can you please share a pointer?

If not - would people be willing to help put together such a guide?

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[#] Thu May 06 2021 12:13:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: QJ Megastar

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[#] Thu May 06 2021 13:46:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: My new joystick 👍

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[#] Thu May 06 2021 21:24:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: Turbo Sprint (Amiga AGA) is finally here!!!

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[#] Thu May 06 2021 22:07:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Leaving New York | Ports of Call | Amiga -- Ports of Call is a 1986 business simulation game developed by German duo Rolf Dieter Klein and Martin Ulrich, and published by Aegis Interactive Entertainment.

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 01:26:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: My AMIGA 600 and 1200 setup

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 01:34:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: AMIGA Demoscene: Electronik Lightshow

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 01:30:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: AMIGA Demoscene: Electronik Lighttshow

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 02:44:43 MST from rss <>

Subject: The Game "Generation Zero" Has A Commodore Amiga Clone.

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 03:22:21 MST from rss <>

Subject: My A1200 upgrades

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 03:44:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: My venerable Amiga 4000

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 08:17:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: F1 World Championship Edition - Review

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[#] Fri May 07 2021 11:41:45 MST from rss <>

Subject: Silverstone | Formula One Grand Prix | Amiga | MicroProse

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[#] Sat May 08 2021 15:19:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: MorphOS 3.1.5 free edition

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[#] Sat May 08 2021 22:24:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: Sat double feature: replacing audio ports on an Amiga 2000 and something weird happens

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[#] Sun May 09 2021 02:14:43 MST from rss <>

Subject: 1084 monitor issue

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[#] Sun May 09 2021 05:37:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga 1200 hotrod - 2021 and a few little development pieces. LOL

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Amiga 1200 hotrod - 2021 and a few little development pieces. LOL

Well Here it iss in May 2021. My Stock Amiga 1200 (as stock as it can be wilst biffing it up on many levels to keep it looking SOMEWHAT original) A long haul for sure. Its an amiga 1200 with Original Amiga Kickstart roms from europe. NTSC model. It has the mxb 1200z 8mb accelerator + RTC board installed in the trapdoor. It has a new 220 dollar retro non yellowing case from that has been custom vintage grey and clearcoat painted. I retrobrighted the keys and had to replace esc key and a couple others. I added the ide to minisd adapter with a 32 gig minisd card. I added a buffered RGB to vga adapter and a Tom+ serial to usb + extra serial Adapter from my friends over at ELECTRONICA4U (on ebay) Great folks btw. They'll never let you down.

I modded and did the pin flip on a Sega Genesis controller to allow multibutton functionality on the amiga with an expensive joystick as the second shared joystick port. Through the tom+ adapter i added a Lenovo usb laer mouse and a Dell hd led lcd monior that supports 15-22khz vga analog signals with the Crystal Phase and Shift OSD adustments. This lcd monitor allows for frequency adjustments on the osc which allowed me to dial in the frequency to match perfect with the amiga rgb port!!! I developed and got os3.9 going flawlessly on an emulator in my windows environment over the years using WINUAE. which i later ported over to my amiga sd card. (KEPT ALL THE DOCS IF ANYONE NEEDS) It was a hard journey. I like flare i like eye candy I am a power user and like a full featured desktop.

With whdload i was able to run all my old favorites but as you know. EVERY old sk00l amiga user is all about memory and conserving memory and making the system as efficent as possible . Me not so much. I like the look of it. Having worked on windows for so long but being 46 yrs old and starting on commodore i Simply cant run that was. I needed a fine ballence. Functionality flair beauty and efficency with high mem yeild . I have finally tweaked out my os3.9 as i simply didnt like the look of a bare bones BETTER WORK BENCH 3.14 system. It just doesnt look good to me. I found ways to invoke the blitter system for graphics and reduced color depth and size of my background and doc bitmaps aS WELL AS THE ICON LIBRARY to get me 1.8m on chip ram and 5.2meg on fast ram expansion 7 meg and change. enough to run 90% of everything smoothly fully featured.

It was then that i learned about the whole aga and chunky planar optimizations and started playing with 3d ports of games learning that chunky planar dos games run ALMOST natively at full speed to the amiga 68020xcpu 1200. I stumbled uppon a program called RTGMASTER whicg drastically speeds up your games allowing them to run at full rtg speeds most of them. But some of the eye candy i wanted required 8meg of ram to run. and i was not about to drop my beautiful os3.9 install for some barebones 16 color piecew of ..... os. like the rest of the world has to do. So i spend a week figuring out how to cruch the base workbench and all its libraries and drivers to auto mount any file system on an 800k floppy disk!!! and YES. this weekend (after a coffee accident that almost ended the whole commodore venture) I have an 800k slim boot of os3.9 that runs on only 168k of memory leaving all chip ram avail and 7.8meg of fast ram for the big stuff like doom, blake stone, final odyssey, genetic species etc need to run. all on 800k floppy all the sound libraries low level, video drivers ands blitter for aga ahi and sound libs all patched in very bare bones but this was the solution i needed. All the flair and eyecandy i need in a system but in a pinch i slap in a floppy and i got the newest os ready to rock any game i throw at it on only 200k ram!!! the only downfall to this is that i cant get whdload on it only 150 k free. i will develop this more later using powerpacker to crunch the executables and MAYBE just maybe i will be able to fit the whdload a500 kiclstarts on the floppy too. then it will truely be a site to see. PS: if your trying to run old a500 games on your amiga 1200 using whdload and you do not have the memory NO PROBLEM: right click and edit the icon and in the tooltypes section REMOVE the PRELOAD and PRELOADCACHESIZE lines or bracket them. Almost all games will load . the only annoyance with this is that when certain disk access routines happen the game needs to switch to desktop mode so you get a screen swap to desktop. its a flicker . a bit annoying but.... ALL games will run as your not trying to preload the whole game in memory. Using the PRELOAD option in the icon tooltype by itself uses the max mem avail to it. Using the PRELOADCACHESIZE=xxxxxx allows you to specify how much ram can be used to preload files to stop the emulator frow swapping screen modes to the workbench ot load certain files (IM WORKING on a library that will do these swapps off screen in memory so that you will no longer see this flicker. This will take some time ill keep you all posted) see my pics below.

submitted by /u/LordDarkenbeast
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[#] Sun May 09 2021 08:22:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best, Forgotten & Hidden Gems Amiga Games Collection VOL.6

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[#] Sun May 09 2021 10:15:54 MST from rss <>

Subject: CF boot

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[#] Sun May 09 2021 19:21:18 MST from rss <>

Subject: Does someone remember this very old, very niche Amiga 500 game? Crosspost from r/tipofmyjoystick

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Amiga 500


First person space shooter where you had to defend some space bases from being conquered by enemies

Estimated year of release:

Around 1985-1990 probably, maybe it's an older game ported to Amiga because it looked pretty bad for an Amiga game

Graphics/art style:

You just see the empty black space, enemies are very far away and they look like dots, the bases you have to defend looks like vertically placed yellow dumbells. Everything moves very slowly. There is also a map on the screen where you can see the enemies spreading and bases locations.

Notable characters:

I don't remember having ever seen any character in this game, you just shoot at slowly moving dots.

Notable gameplay mechanics:

There are 4 major bases you have to defend and other smaller bases, when you start the game they are all your friends, enemies start moving very slowly from the sides of the map towards the bases and you can see their advances on the map.

When enemies are close to a base you select that location on the map to go there, then you can see the "yellow dumbell" base floating and enemies trying to enter it, you shoot them from far away and it takes a while for the shot to reach them.

It's not an action game, it's more of a "guess where the enemy is going to be a few seconds from now" type of game.

If all the 4 major bases get conquered by enemies you lose the game.

Other details:

There is no background music, just sound effects.

It was on a floppy disk together with other games in a small compilation.

submitted by /u/Dogavir
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