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[#] Tue Jan 12 2021 19:11:42 MST from rss

Subject: Having trouble creating my own IO Port Dsub to scart cable

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Hiyas, I am trying to make my own cable to work on consumer TVs and I think I am missing something. I dare say my issues are my poor grasp of electrical engineering.

I have a RGC scart to BNC connected to my BVM. If I use my new cable, connected to the RGC cable into the BVM it works. I take this to mean that the R, G, B and csync pins are working correctly.

I have more trouble going into a consumer set. The mister is outputting 3.3v on vga pin 14, which is the scart blanking pin.

  1. Is scart blanking on pin 16 needed to make rgb work on some consumer sets? I found a spec which says it should be 1 to 3v to show this is csync and not composite video. If I am getting 3.3v on that line instead, maybe the consumer set is not liking it?
  2. I have a 470ohm resistor on the csync line. As I understood this should be there for consumer tvs. What I dont understand is that the volts I read on my multi-meter down that wire are the same whether I have the resistor on the end or not. Is a resistor on the line supposed to bring down the volts?
  3. Do consumer sets need scart pin 8 connected? Or is this just for autodetection that AV is present. The spec i read says that this pin should be 9.5 to 12v. Is this the same as if I manually changed the channel to "AV"

Thank you for the help

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[#] Fri Jan 15 2021 18:27:08 MST from rss

Subject: Can't display 1080p?

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Good Morning,

I have been tinkering with my MiSTer this morning. I am trying to get it to output at 1080@60hz. However when I edit my MiSTer.ini and reboot I get no video. When I set it back to 720@60hz video is restored.

I have tried this on two LG OLED televisions. I am certain I had 1080p at one point working. I upgraded SD Cards and am having no luck.

Any help would be appreciated!

PS> Any reason not to set hdmi_audio_96k=1 ?

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[#] Mon Jan 18 2021 19:51:32 MST from rss

Subject: Anyone using a Retro Radionics ArcadeR joystick with the MiSTer?

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