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[#] Sun May 22 2022 16:42:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: [MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer] Saturn: initial support. (PR #612)

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[#] Mon May 23 2022 13:35:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Universal scanline settings?

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I'm wondering if there's a "best" starting point for scanlines for people who are just hooking up to a typical LCD display, and really don't understand any of the features and terminology in the video settings on Mister.

In other words, I know just enough to realize that looking at straight nearest neighbor upscaling for NES/Genesis/etc. games actually makes the graphics look worse than they originally did on my Magnavox tube TV. I don't really care about reproducing a specific display flawlessly, I just want things to look nice. Now for me specifically, I am playing on a 4K pixel shift projector at 120" but I would think there could be a good starting point that basically equates to "this approximates what a typical consumer TV looked like in the 1990's if you are playing on a typical modern flat panel at 1080p."

I tried the scanline option in the linedoubler, but I don't see many people mention it and it seems like other people get results that look a lot better. Once you get into the video options with the hundreds of different filters and whatever shadow masks are - it's not easy to learn what these do and the choices are overwhelming. I'm sure a lot of people enjoy making tweaks to get it perfect but there's probably a lot of us that would rather just apply someone else's settings and forget about it - beyond tweaking the scanline level to make it brighter or darker, which is easy enough.

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[#] Mon May 23 2022 15:12:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: PSX core not remembering settings

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Whenever I launch the PSX core, I change the same settings. However I need to do this every single time I turn on the Mister. Is there some option to persist the core settings I’m not seeing? Thanks!

submitted by /u/matdevdug1
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[#] Tue May 24 2022 09:05:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: I think I fried the USB board...or maybe?

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I'm sorry for the wall of text but I would like everyone's opinion on what may be the problem with my USB hub board on my MiSTer. one day I accidently plugged in my MiSTer using the wrong power supply. it caused my mister to not turn on. I realized after the 4th time flipping the switch that I used to wrong plug. I went back to the stock one and it eventually came back on. everything seemed to work fine but I noticed it wouldn't connect the Bluetooth or WIFI dongle on any of the ports. I was still able to charge a controller but it wouldn't pick up the inputs. I ordered one of those MakerSpot Micro USB OTG Hubs and it works when I connect the same BT but not the WIFI dongle on the MiSTer. did I just fry it (I think I did) or do I get another USB bracket to test out if the hub still works?

submitted by /u/cosmicjerk
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[#] Tue May 24 2022 09:23:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: There is no 'Scandoubler FX' option in some cores to fix this display issue, is there another way to fix it?

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[#] Wed May 25 2022 02:19:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: HDMI/VGA Scaling and Resolution Questions

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Wondering what video settings I could use to make the most of the computer cores, specifically ao486, Minimig, x68k, and hopefully at some point the PC98.

Right now I am running the IO Board VGA to a 15KHz CRT for consoles, and the HDMI converted to VGA into a standard 31KHz PC CRT monitor at a desk nearby for computer cores.

I'd like to know what resolution, scaling options, etc. that are recommended to maximize screen size while preserving original aspect ratio as much as possible. I am not sure if this is even possible given a locked output resolution and differing game resolutions.

Up to now I have used 640x480 or 1280x960 with normal or V-integer scaling. I know Integer is ideal but it often means a smaller picture (I wish the MiSTer had the robust scaling options of software emulation).

An option I've considered is to split the analog signal so I have that going to the VGA. It would mean incompatibility with lower resolutions but it could lock onto the higher progressive resolutions used by some games. Or so I think!

submitted by /u/cm_bush
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[#] Wed May 25 2022 07:49:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: GunCon 2 working great in the PSX core.

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[#] Wed May 25 2022 13:40:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: Commodore 128 core for mister (unofficial)

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Great! My first computer, I have been dreaming about this for a long time.

submitted by /u/OktorAs
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[#] Thu May 26 2022 02:19:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: Gameboy Trade with Analogue Pocket

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Is it possible to trade since both have USB and are FPGa systems?

submitted by /u/RandoReddit72
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[#] Thu May 26 2022 09:12:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Commodore Amiga CD32 on the MiSTer

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There are 3 ways... well at least 3 ways to run AmigaCD32 games on the MiSTer:
SimCD32, IDEFix and SquirrelCD32.

SimCD32 comes from the Amiga Developer CD and is meant to help develop CD32 games. It can be used to mount ISO images, so you would not need to use CD drives for the MiSTer.

IDEfix and SquirrelCD32 both use CD drives. In the IDEFix shareware pack you can install and get the option to create a CD32 emulation boot disk. SquirrelCD32 is created with the SquirrelSCSI boot disk that also has an option to create a CD32 emulation boot disk.

I think with IDEfix it works with the MiSTer with default settings, and it expects you to use the secondary master (unit 2) as the CD drive.

With SquirrelCD32 only one change is needed. Go to the floppy drive devs/DOSDrivers folder, click the CD0 icon and go into the icon informatioin. Here you need to go under the tools, to see the parameters for this.

It should have 4 flags:

It needs to be changed to:

So the flags one needs to be deleted. Not sure why. I am not sure if its a new thing, but it seems this no longer works with the default scsi.device that is found on kickrom 3.1. So it needs a newer kickrom like 3.1.4, 3.9 or 3.2, and 3.2 will not work without it also having icon.library and / or workbench.library. One solution for that would be to have an HDF with AmigaOS 3.2 installed.

Another option is to find a newer scsi.device and add a loadmodule to the startup-sequence on the SquirrelCD32 boot disk. There are newer ones on aminet.

These solutions does not work with all games. I find SquirrelCD32 the most promising as it has several CD32 specific tools and a list of game specific configurations. It does this with quite clever boot scripts that checks if its a CDTV or CD32 game, the name of the CD and the CDKey, if one is found I guess. Not sure how the CDkey works. Then it stores these as variables and it will look for files specific to this game and run specific boot settings for each game, if it has anything for that game. So it should be possible to expand on this to support even more games.

I am pretty sure I had MiSTer Minimig working with SquirrelCD32 and Microcosm and Simon the Sorcerer CD32, but now it always crashes with both games and I cannot figure out why. Maybe something changed in MiSTer Main, or maybe it is a change in the core... or maybe its something else I did differently. I have a video where I was testing SimCD32 and SquirrelCD32 and in that video I suggest using a specific Kickrom, the 3.1 kickrom, probably the one from the Amiga 500, but that one no longer works. So I guess something must have changed. But those games do work with SimCD32 though.

It also works with save games, they just save the games to the floppy disks.

I made a video some time ago showing how this all works:

submitted by /u/Caldor82
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[#] Thu May 26 2022 20:02:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: Ready to jump into the Mister FPGA bandwagon

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Hey, guys. I've been following Mister for a while now, but I have never pulled the trigger on it because I was using a Raspberry Pi for what I wanted to do on the Mister, which is mainly play old DOS games (I'm using Dosbian at the moment).

But now that the PS1 core is out, I am now ready to migrate over to the Mister instead of a Raspberry Pi. My question is: with the whole state of the world with chip shortages, is there any reliable place to get a DE10-Nano from? I know Terasic has them for $215, and they have the green light for "In Stock", but they have a shipping date of July, but is there any other place I can get one for around $215 (and I'm just asking about the DE10-Nano, not a full Mister FPGA kit) that is reliable?

submitted by /u/Pancho316
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[#] Thu May 26 2022 22:44:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: E-arc

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So is it common that the mister appears to kill my e-arc on my tv. Even when the mister is turned it's turned off but still connected to the HDMI port it appears to kill the connection. It works fine once I disconnect it so not really a big deal.

submitted by /u/Gakacto
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[#] Sat May 28 2022 02:02:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Serious AO486 computing and gameplay with a genuine "clicky" 1988 Model M IBM keyboard and 1987 Dove bar IBM mouse. Both fully functional and in mint condition. (Both connected via a single PS2 to USB Y-adapter.)

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[#] Sat May 28 2022 03:14:38 MST from rss <>

Subject: Final Fantasy Tactics psx core E3 error

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I'm having a strange issue where final fantasy tactics seems to be the only game I can't get to work properly on the new psx core. I've seen video of it running and it's marked as compatible, however it crashes with an E3 error for me at the beginning of the game right after the splash screen that says orbonne monastery. Has anyone else run into this or something similar?

I have tried a different bin/cue file and same issue. E3 is apparently a gpu crash, not sure if it has to do with a config in my ini file, or perhaps something to do with a analog out?

submitted by /u/csm1313
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[#] Sat May 28 2022 10:35:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: What TVs support 50hz

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I’m contemplating buying a monitor for my mister, likely the Asus ProArt PA278QV. I’ve previously been using an old 50 inch Panasonic Plasma that is still going strong.

The plasma seems to only support 59-86hz which surprised me as I’m in Australia which is PAL region and TV is circa 2009 (TH-P50G10A). I want to be able to play Amiga games and Arcade cores in the 50hz range.

The alternative to buying the monitor would be to buy another TV, but I have no idea what modern TVs if any support 50hz. Do they exist? Is there a list somewhere.

submitted by /u/NizmoxAU
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[#] Sat May 28 2022 15:17:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: AO486 VHD images ready-to-use on MiSTer FPGA

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AO486 VHD images ready-to-use on MiSTer FPGA

I've collected/created VHDs for DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, and Win 98, and posted them here. They're ready to use on your MiSTer FPGA device.

NOTE 1: You might need to add drivers to the VHD you choose, to support either floppy or CD images. I haven't played games through the operating systems, as I use one of the following gaming VHDs. So I haven't encountered a floppy or CD issue yet.


Unzip and install on the main SD card at this location: /media/fat/games/AO486

Start the AO486 core, select IDE 0-0 *.VDH, then select one of the VHDs.

The VHD will show in the AO486 OSD as IDE 0-0 (VHD file name).

Reboot the AO486 core and enjoy the OS. The DOS/Windows VHDs range from 100MB to 400MB in size.

NOTE 2: The IDE 0-0 BOOT-DOS98 VHD is needed for the following gaming VHDs:

MiSTer AO486 Top 300 DOS Games Pack (22GB)

MiSTer ao486 DOS - Sierra Collection (12GB)

MiSTer AO486 1980-1989 Archive (2GB)

MiSTer AO486 1990 Archive (2GB)

MiSTer AO486 1991-2019 Archive (62GB)

Add these VHDs to the /media/fat/games/AO486 folder.

Install the DOS98 VHD in the IDE 0-0 *.VHD slot, and install one of the gaming VHDs in the IDE 0-1 *.VHD slot, then reboot the AO486 core.

NOTE 3: My MiSTer contains a 512GB micro SD card for the MiSTer OS, to accommodate the large PC gaming VHDs. I also have a 512GB micro SD card, attached via USB adapter as USB0, to store all of my other games.

submitted by /u/Mike1701D
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[#] Sun May 29 2022 03:16:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: Any way to stop screen going black for every resolution change in-game with the PSX core over HDMI?

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Hi everyone,

I am not sure if there's a "solution" per se, if that's just how it has to be, like with interlaced titles, but I was wondering if there's a way to address the screen flickering to black and then back again when the in-game resolution changes with the PSX core. It's not too bad with most titles, but some games switch it rather often, like Toy Story 2, and it can stretch into actual gameplay, so I was wondering if it's something that I can address on my end without resorting to a CRT TV that won't even work with my IO board?

submitted by /u/Minardi-Man
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[#] Sun May 29 2022 18:30:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: Monitor choice and what MiSTer version?

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I've been MAMEing for years now and want to pick up a MiSTer but am unsure about digital vs analog, can anyone offer input on what version is best for one of these monitors?

I'm looking at the ASUS PA248QV vs the 19" Visionpro CGA/EGA/BGA LCD monitor. Anyone using the Visionpro with MiSTer?

Also what exactly is BlisSTer?

Thanks for any help in advance.

submitted by /u/Pickle-Rick-C-137
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[#] Tue May 31 2022 13:20:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: S-Video Question

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As I understand the s-video cores are being tailor-made to create on-spec s-video and composite.

What does this mean for existing s-video converters for MiSTer, like the RGB2YC or Antonio Villena’s original adapter? Will these output a good image or will the cores provide a better/more/compatible picture? I've seen that the cores considerably improve the composite output but not heard of much on the s-video side.

I've also heard the output from Antonio Villena’s adapter is 'hot', and could damage the output screen. Is there any credence to that?

submitted by /u/cm_bush
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[#] Tue May 31 2022 17:35:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: PlayStation Core

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When I go to run the PlayStation core all it says is “E2”

submitted by /u/Cyber-Chihuahua
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