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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 13:37:37 MST from rss <>

Subject: Hi, do you know any way to rip Sketchfab models to use in blender? Thanks!

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Title says it all. I am in search of a tool being able to rip one asset from Sketchfab to then use in blender for a mod I am making (for personal and educational purposes)

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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 13:33:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: Google Drive Download Mgr for Windows

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Hey everyone just like the title says, am looking for a google drive download manager that lets me queue up the downloads and keep it running all day long. Tried IDM and that won’t fit the bill for me, on my machine IDM was extremely resource intensive (used 12 gb tam just for the program), seems like cyber duck needs interaction. Love to hear what the community uses

submitted by /u/gimpygoat498
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 13:40:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: Any Forum/Website with Asian (Japanese-Chinese-Indian) BluRay REMUX content?

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I want to know website/forum that is either indigenous to Asia or elsewhere that hosts high quality Asian multimedia content with a REMUX library other than Nyaa. No matter Direct Download or torrent but it must have diversity of content.

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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 14:07:10 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there a way to download a restricted-access pdf from the Dspace repository?

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For the record, I can see the preview and read the file from my Dspace account. But the pdf opens in a web browser and it cannot be saved.

I tried using wget on windows, but I think I might be doing something wrong, or wget isn't working.

submitted by /u/newredditwhoisthis
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 14:33:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: Still rocking the 2011 version.

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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 14:30:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: plutonium is safe?

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if i download plutonium from and use all of they'r link it is safe or not?

it got flagged by virus total

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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 14:26:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Well I guess I can't research career options.

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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 14:52:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best Way to Use Webtor?

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Hello folks,

I'm thinking of giving Webtor a try, but obviously I want to make sure I'm safe. I'm pretty new to this, so was wondering if there is anything specific I should make sure is in place before I use it.

  • I use Edge as my regular browser. Is that ok, or should I use something else?
  • What is the best/ safest place to find torrent files?
  • If it fine to download stuff straight through my browser, or should I use something like JDownloader or Free Downloader?
  • Any other points?

Thanks in advance.

submitted by /u/Joey_Pajamas
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 15:26:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: Hogwarts Legacy goes brrrr

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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 15:25:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is this normal? Link came from 1337

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Spent yesterday evening and all of last night with PC downloading HL (Empress copy). Woke up to it completed. PC was laggy so rebooted. It would boot but kept flickering and wouldn't go past windows log in screen. Reinstalling windows now and will have lost the whole DL. What could I have done wrong?

submitted by /u/Bedroom_Opposite
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 15:32:31 MST from rss <>

Subject: how to Remove DRM from a video file?

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A course which is 60,000rs (730$), is available free right now for 2 days, i found a way to download the videos but when i try to play it in VLC it shows black screen. (I'm surving on 75 dollars a month I'm too poor to buy the course :/ )...

submitted by /u/massprabhu
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 16:16:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Good sites for Bundesliga and Champions League?

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Can someone recommend good sites for Bundesliga and Champions League? Sites like totalsports ek became completely useless because they redirect you to scam sites or will show the wrong match / a repetition.


submitted by /u/erik_7581
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 16:06:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: Microsoft Office apps

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Where can I get all the Microsoft office apps crack like MS Word, Excel, Power Point etc... ?

submitted by /u/poseidongaming2004
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 15:52:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best solution for using Soap2day or Dopebox on a Samsung smart TV?

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I'm a huge fan of streaming sites such as the ones mentioned above, yet I haven't found a better solution than just hooking my laptop up to it using an HDMI cable. Dopebox has an android app which you can install as an apk so the best solution might be to sideload it into a Chrome cast and use it as such? I've even considered some pretty wild options like attempting to mount these sites to Plex as a remote drive, but I don't believe that's possible unless you have access to the actual FTP server behind the scenes.

If anyone has a better solution I'd highly appreciate the help and I've really been enjoying the community so far.

submitted by /u/Freeman_Goldshonnie
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 17:11:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: What is wrong with How do you switch episodes?

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YesMovies has the "GOAT" status on the piracy megathread page, However I can't even switch episodes on tv series.

There is literally just a "Full HD" option in the player option, No episodes.

This is the issue on every show,

Am I using the site wrong?

submitted by /u/TexBoo
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 17:39:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where to find subtitles for series/movies?

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So, i'm learning french and korean, i'd like to immerse more and i'm not gonna pay netflix to let me do the same i do by pirating but in a different language. Most of the shows i've torrented either don't have subtitles of any sort, or only have english subtitles. I'd like to download subtitles in the languages i'm learning, not only for series/movies that are originally in french or korean but for shows that are in other languages as well, so i can motivate myself.

I'm able to navigate some french torrent sites kind of well, but i find it hard to find subtitled shows, most are dubbed. Finding anything with CC/subtitles in korean has been impossible for me. Bonus points if the website lets you download the subtitles for the entire series at once, i remember having found one but i thought downloading episode per episode was a hassle.

submitted by /u/No-Resource-852
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 17:54:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: Decided to put together a “Drag and Drop” preconfigured BIOS collection for steam deck’s emudeck.

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Sup everybody, spent a decent amount of time today gathering all the BIOS files for literally every emulator included in emudeck /emudeck retroarch and setting them up with the proper names and locations since I couldn’t find a collection like this online. Figured I’d share it for other people to enjoy and save them the time. I know this sub doesn’t allow direct links to pirated stuff so just wondering what the best places to share this would be. Thanks 👍

If anybody would like it you can also feel free to dm.

To install: simply unzip the archive and paste the “bios” folder inside of the “Emulation” folder wherever you installed emudeck, either on the internal SSD or your SD card. The Emulation folder will be on the root of one of those. Overwrite/merge whatever it asks. Then run “bios checker” in emudeck tools to confirm it’s set up properly.

Notes on this archive:

Collection is about 400MB which is almost entirely because of the inclusion of the switch firmware which is needed for yuzu and ryujinx to work properly. The rest of the files are only a couple KB/MB each.

EU, JP and other non US bios files are not necessarily all here, but most are; missing ones can be added upon request.

Eventually the switch config files will be outdated, as updated encryption keys and firmwares will be needed to play newer games with higher minimum firmware requirements. If there’s enough interest I can keep this up to date on a regular basis. Current fw and keys included are 15.0.0 which is not the newest public firmware, but is compatible with all currently released games as of Feb 2023.

This also includes completely optional BIOS files for many systems. Ex: your gba games will show the official boot animation when loaded now. This is really just for aesthetics since gba and many other systems don’t require their BIOS for proper emulation.

It’s possible the location to put these files on your deck could change with a later emudeck update, but it’s pretty unlikely unless emudeck is reworked from the ground up down the line.

I got a little lazy with some of the super old consoles like magnavox and commodore, possible many are missing or named incorrectly. This doesn’t matter since they do nothing for game compatibility or cosmetic touches or really anything at all. May clean it up later for completeness, though. Idk

submitted by /u/CrispCrisp
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 18:00:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: Weekly Discussion (February 26, 2023)

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💬 ➜ Begin by sharing your thoughts

This thread is a great place for the r/Piracy community to discuss their opinion.

📑 1 ➜ Megathread suggestions

  • If you want to make a proposal to the Megathread, such as adding new links, please follow these quality control checks to ensure absolute quality.
  • Our megathread, in contrast to others, offers only the finest options rather than a huge selection to avoid bloating the user experience.

📑 2 ➜ Low comment karma?

  • Have a question or something meaningful to say, but your comment karma is low? No worries, now is the best opportunity to express yourself.
  • You could also have another suggestion that doesn't belong in a new topic but that you'd still like to share. Please convey your ideas below.

📑 3 ➜ All rules still apply

  • Please refrain from looking for specific pirated content, linking to any, mentioning specific media names, or asking for help finding any. If you're unsure of what this implies, read the Rules in more detail.
  • Don't forget to check out the Wiki, which compiles all of the information into one fantastic list of resources to assist you with your sea adventure.
  • You may access past Weekly Discussions by clicking here.
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 18:00:35 MST from rss <>

Subject: When I download Oblivion from steam unlocked, there's no EXE file.

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I am using the legit site. But when I go into the folders, there is no application to run, I tried reinstalling but that didint work. Any way to fix this?

submitted by /u/Emotional-Seesaw7300
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[#] Sun Feb 26 2023 18:18:14 MST from rss <>

Subject: "An error was occurred. Try again later" - free-mp3-download question

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I finally found a song which is only available there for download and I can't download it.

The error always appears. Does it mean it's not available for download anymore? I still can choose between the mp3 settings and FLAC and click the download button.

submitted by /u/AngelBritney94
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