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[#] Mon Apr 05 2021 23:12:04 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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I want to know why people were collapsing on the street in China. Is it so bad that you'll try to drag yourself to your job even when you can't breath anymore? Is it just that not being able to breath is so usual - you don't know when it is a BAD case of not being able to breath? 

Why were there so many zombie apocalypse videos coming out of China right before the storm hit? 

A regular cold can kill you. The super cold can REALLY kill you. I think the Left capitalized it to leverage fear against Trump - and I think the Right in turn downplayed it. The right move would have been to go, 

"It is serious - very serious - and we're doing the best we can - but the Democrats aren't doing any favors to anyone but themselves by politicizing it. They wouldn't be doing any better." 

There weren't enough people saying things like that. 


Sun Apr 04 2021 01:55:53 MST from "Wangiss" <>

My wife is agoraphobic, so the pandemic has been almost a non-event for me. The first three weeks we were being shown Chinese streets full of corpses and Italy losing thousands per week. After that it was obviously just a super cold.

I just wish I could take my wife out to a restaurant again. She gets panic attacks wearing a a mask. 


[#] Sat Jun 26 2021 08:40:42 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

Subject: The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy

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I am neither an Anti-Masker or an Anti-Vaxxer... 

But this report is troubling and the numbers seem credible: 

The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy


[#] Sat Jun 26 2021 08:47:26 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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Currently, our estimates show that we have to accept four fatal and 16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations in order to save the lives of 2–11 individuals per 100,000 vaccinations, placing risks and benefits on the same order of magnitude.