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[#] Sun Jul 18 2021 06:24:13 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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RAM/Solid State Memory is one of the most difficult areas to figure out - and even when you use the little online calculators, they can be wrong. Sometimes a system will claim a limit that is far lower than what it can see... other times, it will have a limit far lower than what you expect. Vendors don't want to refund you - and because it is expensive and easy to counterfeit - there are a lot of unscrupulous dealers and scams out there. It is also the component that you're most likely to damage with static discharge - and it will SEEM to work, but you'll get memory errors that will cause system instability that are (or can be) *super* hard to track down.

Beyond that - matching RAM to the system speed and clock cycle is a super important science. Basically, if your RAM isn't fast enough or is not cycle matched to your CPU and memory bus - you get the system *ready* for the next memory fetch but the memory has to wait - or vice versa - and the whole system slows down. People build these super fast ultimate gaming system, and make a mistake on their RAM - and they can't figure out why their system is benchmarking so much slower than other "exactly configured" machines. The different names and types of RAM are confusing, they use esoteric naming and marking conventions that are not always consistent, and there are so many different varieties of RAM - it makes it one of the black holes of DIY computer building. 

And they haven't done anything to make it BETTER in the last 40 years. I've got always got a drawer full of discarded RAM that I'm not sure if I can use or not, and frequently I buy new RAM for something then discover exactly the same thing in my pile O ram and feel like an idiot for buying something I already had. 

And I'm sure that the RAM vendors and manufacturers LIKE it this way. 




Sat Jul 17 2021 20:41:51 MST from Wangiss <>

Dude for real. Both of my RAM purchases this year were ridiculous.

1. Wooden computer. Wanted to go crazy with RAM. Bought two 32GB sticks because the Mini-ITX motherboard only accepts two sticks. Paid hundreds! Jokes on me: the motherboard can take a 32GB stick... But only one of them. It's built for up to two 16GB sticks or one 32GB stick but not two 32GB sticks. Please don't explain; I'm still fuming. But I have an extra 32GB stick for the next motherboard upgrade, I guess. I'll just hold onto it. 

2. The kids' computer. Four 1GB 240-pin sticks. So I can't just use 288-pin stick I bought used. Apparently you can upgrade to 4GB sticks! But which ones work? No one knows! Even Crucial doesn't test that chipset anymore. So I upgraded to 2GB sticks. All for $29 total, which was nice. But... Now I have 8GB of ram, which is nothing. And nobody sells 4GB X 4 sticks in the range I need. Why. Ugh. 


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