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[#] Thu Jan 07 2021 12:16:32 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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Adding the Reddit Libertarian .rss feed to the Don't Tread On Me room was a mistake I think. 

So... I've renamed it and made a new Don't Tread on Me room for more honest Libertarian oriented posts - where all ideals are not equal, but they deserve equal opportunity to be heard and accepted or rejected. 

I also wrote a blog based on what I was seeing in the libertarian reddit sub. 

Read it here:



[#] Thu Jan 07 2021 12:45:56 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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If the image below were Georgian Citizens, or Ukranian Citizens, or Bosnian Citizens, or Venezuelan Citizens - climbing the walls of the palace or capitol or other institution of Government in one of those countries, the media's narrative would be, "The people of this oppressed country storm the halls of Government and demand liberty!" 

But when it happens in the United States - it is "The domestic terrorists trying to execute a coup to pervert the Democrat process and to install their dictator as the head of State." 

We're an armed nation. How many citizen coups for revolutionary dictators have you ever seen, even in disarmed nations - where those launching the coup only showed up with banners? 

The political Right showed up to stage a coup to reverse the Democratic Election... 

And forgot to bring their AR-15s?